Norma Torres Reproaches Donald Trump's Anti-immigration Policy

US Congresswoman Norma Torres, of Guatemalan origin, spoke through her official Twitter account about the death of teenager Carlos Gregorio Hernández Vásquez and criticized the anti-immigration policy of the president of that country, Donald Trump.

On the aforementioned digital platform Torres wrote a message and shared the video of the last hours of Hernández Vásquez in the US Border Patrol shelter. UU. in Weslaco, in Texas.

The words written by the congresswoman would describe the despair and agony of the Guatemalan minor:


"The cries for help and the obvious agony of a 16-year-old boy were not enough to receive medical attention."

Cries for help & obvious agony of a 16-yr-old boy weren’t enough for medical care. @realDonaldTrump turns a blind eye again to deadly conditions at detention centers. Carlos ’death is despicable murder by neglect. #JusticeForCarlos #ChildAbuse # Not1More #FamiliesBelongTogether

– Rep. Norma Torres (@NormaJTorres) December 6, 2019

In the second part of Torres' message, it is pointed out that the US president pays attention to the problems that illegal immigrants face due to the restrictions imposed by the authorities.

"Donald Trump is again (se) – turning a blind eye to the deadly conditions in detention centers. Carlos's death is a negligible murder due to negligence."

In addition, Torres used several labels to reflect what he thinks of the fact that he enlisted a Guatemalan family:

Justice for Carlos.
Child abuse.
Not one more.
Families must stay together.

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Trump's anti-immigration policy

US government actions to discourage illegal migration to that country included the separation of families, that is, adults and children were taken to different shelters.

In addition, the maximum proposal with which Trump came to the presidency of the United States. UU., Which consisted of building a wall across the border.

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