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Link that could have a psychoanalytic background. The president of the United States, Donald Trump, is considered by Kim Jong-un as a "new father figure." This was released by a book whose label is ‘Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of His Presidency’.

The title of the printed material, which for its translation into Spanish is 'Inside the Trump White House: the true story of his presidency', is the creation of the American writer Doug Wead, who was able to read some of the personal letters that Trump and The leader of North Korea.

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The author of the book collected unpublished information after interviewing the US president. The conversation they engaged dealt with the issue of North Korea. In a fragment of his literary creation, he uncovered Kim Jong-un's admiration for Trump.

“Kim is fascinated by Donald Trump. He sees it as a unique figure on the stage of world history. And he wants to make history with him, ”he says on one of the pages.

At another time during the interview, the US president confessed to Wead that he and Kim had a good "chemistry." He also argued that both wanted to avoid conflicts.

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With the adjective “his excellence,” the leader of North Korea addresses Trump in a letter. "I firmly believe that the firm will, the sincere efforts and the unique approach of mine and your Excellency, Mr. President, destined to open a new future between North Korea and the US, will surely come to fruition," he quotes. Author.

Wead also interviewed the White House advisor and Trump's wasteland, Jared Kushner, regarding the content of the letters. He explained to the writer where the problem lies between the two leaders.

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According to Kushner, the disagreements between Kim and Trump have to do with the father of the North Korean leader. “You can see in these letters that Kim wants to be friends with Trump, but his father told him to never give up weapons. That is his only security, ”he said.

“Trump is like a new father figure. So, it's not an easy transition, ”Doug Wead added.



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