North Korea Recommends Donald Trump "think Twice If He Doesn't Want To See Major Catastrophic Consequences"

The North Korean regime urged on Tuesday the US president, Donald Trump, to abandon his "insulting" language towards leader Kim Jong-un, and to "think twice" from now on, if he does not want to see "catastrophic consequences."

North Korea responded to Trump's recent belligerent comments about the president's "nervousness" and "fear" as the end of the year that Pyongyang has given Washington to reconsider its stance in the stagnant negotiations on North Korean denuclearization approaches. .

"Trump may be very nervous, but he better accept the 'status quo' he sowed, so he can reap, and think twice, if he doesn't want to see major catastrophic consequences," the vice president of the Central Committee of the Workers Party, Ri Su-yong, considered a figure close to Kim.


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In the text, published by the state news agency KCNA, Ri argues that "the recent words and expressions spit out one after the other by Trump sound like a threat to the naked eye, but are a confirmation that he feels fear inside."

The vice president of the North Korean single party said Trump seems "very nervous" and "very restless" to know what he is thinking and what the regime will do next, and said the final decision, still "not clarified," will be taken by the leader of the country soon, at the end of the year, according to the period repeated in recent weeks.

"Trump would do well to abandon insulting language that may further offend President Kim," who has refrained from using "any ironic and irritating expression as the other party is doing," the North Korean senior official added.

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The intensity of verbal exchanges between North Korea and the United States has escalated since last week, after President Trump warned that his country had not ruled out the military option against the regime and mockingly called back its leader "man rocket ", a rhetoric that he already maintained in 2017.

Although at first the White House leader downplayed the matter and proclaimed his good relationship with Kim, the announcement that Pyongyang conducted a test at his missile development center over the weekend led him to warn the North Korean leader of that you will lose "everything" if you act in a "hostile" way.





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