North Korea Responded To Donald Trump And Says He Has Nothing More To Lose

A senior North Korean regime official responded today to the latest warnings issued by US President Donald Trump and stressed that the Asian country has "nothing more to lose."

Kim Yong-chol, who has been responsible for the intelligence of the regime and has been at the forefront of the nuclear dialogue with Washington, today signed a statement issued by the KCNA agency in response to comments made by Trump over the weekend.

On Saturday, after the North Korean ambassador to the UN, Kim Song, broke off the denuclearization dialogue, Trump explained to journalists that North Korea should not try to interfere in the US presidential elections. UU. next November.


On Sunday, Pionyang announced an "important test" at a missile development center (probably tested a new projectile engine, satellite photos showed today) and Trump, through the Twitter social network, warned North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, that he will lose "everything" if he acts in a "hostile" way. "There are so many things that Trump does not know about Korea (of the North). We have nothing more to lose," Kim Yong-chol said in the statement.

"One can see that Trump is very nervous," added the North Korean official, who said that "the time may be near when we will again call him 'senile old man in his senility'", in reference to the crossing of insults between the American president and the regime back in 2017, before last year's approach.

Kim added that the regime "cannot hide its disappointment" and recalled that Pionyang has given Washington until the end of the year to bring a new proposal that unblocks the denuclearization dialogue.

Negotiations are blocked since the failed Hanoi summit in February, where Washington considered Pionyang's offer insufficient to dismantle its nuclear assets and refused to lift economic sanctions. Since then, North Korea has conducted 13 short-range missile tests, in addition to this weekend's mysterious test, and has gradually increased the hardness of its messages destined for the White House.

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