North Korea Says It Will Not Give A Summit To Donald Trump

North Korea Says It Will Not Give a Summit To Donald Trump

SEOUL (AP) – North Korea responded on Monday to a tweet from US President Donald Trump, who was pointing to another summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and responded that he has no interest in giving more meetings than show off unless you're going to get something specific in return.

Monday's statement from Foreign Ministry adviser Kim Kye Gwan was a new request to the United States for concessions before the one-year deadline set by Kim Jong Un expires for the Trump administration to offer acceptable terms for both parties to Save your nuclear operations.

After the United States decided over the weekend to suspend military jaws with South Korea to make room for diplomacy with North Korea, Trump urged Kim Jong Un a "private act, close the deal," and hinted that the leaders could hold another summit by adding "See you soon!".


However, Kim Kye Gwan reiterated the North Korean position that Washington must withdraw what Pyongyang considers "hostile" policies to keep the transfers open.

"Although (the two countries) held three summits and other meetings since June last year, there was not much improvement in relations and the United States is only trying to buy time in its favor," he said in a statement collected by the Central News Agency of Korea.

"We are no longer interested in these meetings that do not benefit us at all."

The statement came hours after a report from the official news agency that Kim Jong had attended military jaws and promised to create an "invincible army," in a challenging attitude despite the decision by the United States and South Korea to suspend Your maneuvers

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