North Korea Threatens To Resume Insulting Donald Trump

North Korea threatened Thursday to resume its insults to US President Donald Trump and call him "old pussy" if he continues to provoke Pyongyang with his statements.

Vice Chancellor Choe Son Hui said it this way days after Trump spoke of a possible military option to the north and again referred to leader Kim Jong Un as the "rocket man."

The prospects of resuming nuclear diplomacy between the two countries begin to dissipate. North Korea has lately hinted that it will lift its moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile tests if the Trump administration does not make significant concessions before the end of the year.


Choe said Trump's statements "prompted the waves of hatred of our people toward the United States" because they revealed "lack of courtesy in referring to the supreme leadership of dignity" in North Korea.

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He said North Korea will respond with equally harsh expressions if Trump reuses similar phrases and shows that he is intentionally provoking North Korea.

"If any language and expressions that feed the atmosphere of confrontation are reused on purpose at a time as crucial as the current one, that should be diagnosed as relapse in the hut of an old pussy," Choe said.

Trump said in London on Tuesday that his relationship with Kim was "really good," but he claimed that he should keep his promise to denuclearize.

He added: "We have the most powerful armed forces we have ever had and we are by far the most powerful country in the world and we hope we will not have to use them, but if necessary, we will use them."

He also said that Kim "likes to launch rockets, doesn't he? That's why I call him the cohe rocket man’. "




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