Northern Ideas For An Easy, Healthy And Gourmet Meal


Updated 06/17/2020 09:34

There are strange times in which we have had to adapt to circumstances impossible to imagine a few months ago. Weeks without leaving home, bars and restaurants closed for months, and the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet have contributed to our cooking much more at home. In this sense, Conservas Ortiz has become the perfect ally for those who are committed to taking care of themselves with a balanced diet while still enjoying elaborate and gourmet food.


Canned Ortiz

Gourmet La Vanguardia

It is a good time to forget about very heavy dishes, many carbohydrates and fats, to prepare salads, toasts, gourmet sandwiches, vegetable timbals, montaditos, skewers … Conservas Ortiz’s premium preserves are perfect as a main ingredient, accompanied by a good selection of fresh, seasonal and local products.

Ideas for your gourmet meals: Rice salad with bonito from the north and toasts with sardines and tomato

Canned fish, healthy food, tasty and easy to prepare

It is well known that canned fish and especially blue fish, such as Bonito del Norte or Sardines, are a healthy and essential choice in our Mediterranean diet, they are a natural source of protein and are high in Omega 3.

Canned Ortiz

Gourmet La Vanguardia

Those of Conservas Ortiz are delicious, with an authentic flavor and of the highest quality, they give a gourmet point to simple and easy to prepare dishes, since in two minutes and combined with 3 more ingredients, they allow you to enjoy a good appetizer, a fresh food or a light dinner.

Conservas Ortiz is internationally recognized for its traditional and careful preparation, with fish caught at the best time of year, with traditional fishing gear, defending an environmentally friendly fishing.

With Conservas Ortiz taking care of yourself does not mean giving up the flavor. Its products represent the best of the Mediterranean diet, are a natural source of protein and are high in Omega 3.

True to its history

Conservas Ortiz’s philosophy has remained intact since its inception. The family business promoted by Bernardo Ortiz de Zárate in 1891 remains true to its essence and is committed to the highest quality. This implies observing the evolution of the market and being able to adapt to its trends to satisfy all options. The need to contribute to a healthy diet and make gourmet recipes easier to make has become one of the brand’s objectives in recent years.

June selection, your aperitif at home

Conservas Ortiz presents a special selection at Gourmet La Vanguardia this June with 5 of its star products: Bonito del Norte Family Reserve, Bonito del Norte in olive oil, Sardines in olive oil to La Antigua, Piquillo peppers stuffed with White tuna and hake roe. To enjoy an aperitif 10 at home we accompany them with asparagus yolks Adolfo Sádaba and Swedish toasted bread Krisprolls, and to pair everything, Almogàver craft beer, the Clàssica Pale Ale and the Volksbier Pils.

Canned Ortiz

Gourmet La Vanguardia