Not To Believe! Karol G Reveals The True Meaning Of Her Rings

Karol G is one of the singers of the moment. He began his career in 2012 and has continued to reap success.

The 29-year-old Colombian He has known how to position himself as one of the world leaders in reggaeton and his songs revolve around the planet. Related NewsIn addition to his music, Karol G It is usually news for his love life, it happens that his partner is Anuel AA, famous Puerto Rican singer.

Recently, the singer gave an interview in which she told the true meaning of the ring she wears in her left hand, revealing some mysteries that were there.


Apparently, the rings only have the function that she, when looking at them, remembers all the love that she and Anuel have for each other.

“It is a very symbolic way of engaging with a person who has very complicated lives, we are very exposed to gossip and comments from the media and that makes the relationship more difficult than a conventional relationship,” explained the artist.

“So people don’t believe it, we don’t have much time to share, but this ring is a symbol that this person wanted to tell me someday I want us to live this way, and I want you to see it when you remember that I am in the same commitment making this work, “Karol finished.



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