Nothing Fell Silent! Irina Baeva Responds To Critical Offensives

Irina Baeva is in a relationship with Mexican actor Gabriel Soto, since the end of 2019, in a relationship full of controversy over an alleged infidelity.

The actress She was invited to an event on the empowerment of women, but then the organizers decided to cancel her presentation at the conference. Related News Upon hearing the news, Laura Bozza, outraged, went out to discuss the issue and liquidated the Russian forcefully.

The presenter hit the model with a strong phrase: “Many women like me who have fought to defend the causes of women, we do not feel represented by someone like you. You are not an inspiration to any, you do not inspire us as a woman, to you denigrate me. “” I believe that a woman must love herself enough to be respected and never destroy a family, because no one is happy in someone else’s misfortune, “Bozza said in reference to the model.


After knowing the terrible statements, Irina She didn’t keep quiet and replied: “I don’t have the pleasure of meeting her, I’ve seen her in a couple of events. He has never told me anything in person.

I prefer to take the criticism of who is coming, and finally never listen to the criticism of someone who would not ask for advice … it is all I can tell you, ”Baeva concluded.