Now Asylum Seekers Will Not Know When They Will Be Given Their Work Permits | Univision Immigration News

“The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) proposes to eliminate the regulation that articulates a 30-day processing period for USCIS (Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services) to award initial applications for employment authorization for asylum seekers,” reads In the new rule.

DHS also proposes to eliminate the provision that requires the USCIS to receive the renewal application 90 days before the expiration of your employment authorization.

Both changes, he adds, "are intended to ensure that USCIS has sufficient time to receive, evaluate and process applications for an initial grant of employment authorization based on a pending asylum application."


The work permit or employment authorization (Employment Authorization Document -EAD-) is managed through Form I-765.

Why the change

According to the publication, "the change will also reduce fraud opportunities and protect the security related processes performed for each application" of work permit.

Lawyers consulted by Univision News showed concern about the changes. "Unfortunately, if there are no limits on the date of delivery of employment authorizations, there will be no assurance about the time the government will delay the processes," says Jaime Barrón, an immigration lawyer in Dallas, Texas.

“This gives more discretion to the USCIS. I think it is a tactic that the government uses to delay legally available benefits and thereby deter immigrants arriving in search of asylum, ”he said.

For lawyer Ezequiel Hernández, who practices in Phoenix, Arizona, “the measure removes options for asylees in terms of defense. And it removes or puts them at risk the ability to work legally in the country. ”

Pay attention

The lawyers also recommended to the asylees that they pay attention to the new rules, and consider legal help in case of doubts or problems with the asylum procedures.

"Do not hesitate to seek a lawyer in case of any doubt," says Hernández. “In addition, many, probably because the government will take longer than expected to process applications, could run out of driver's licenses or stop working until the new cards arrive. All that must be taken into account. ”

Barrón also said that, “it is advisable to process the new permit with time. And when you do, make a copy of each document you send and the form. And send everything by registered mail, so that you have left a copy of the process. ”

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