NVIDIA Offers Its Technology To Combat Coronavirus

NVIDIA, the company specializing in the development of graphics processing units for use in computers, cell phones and other devices, announced that it is making available to researchers free access to Parabricks, analysis software capable of performing a complete sequence of the human genome in less than an hour.
“In response to the current pandemic, NVIDIA is sharing tools with researchers who can accelerate their career to understand the new coronavirus and help provide an answer,” they posted on their official blog.
NVIDIA will provide a free 90-day license to Parabricks to any researcher in the worldwide effort to combat the new coronavirus.
Based on the well-known Genome Analysis Toolkit, Parabricks uses Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) to speed up the analysis of sequence data up to 50 times.
“We recognize that this pandemic is evolving, so we will monitor the situation and expand the offering as necessary,” the statement added.

According to NVIDIA, researchers are sequencing both the new coronavirus and the genomes of people affected with COVID-19 to understand, among other things, the spread of the disease and who is most affected.
“Given the unprecedented spread of the pandemic, obtaining results in hours versus days could have an extraordinary impact on understanding the evolution of the virus and the development of vaccines,” says the company.
According to the technology news site Hipertextual, other companies such as Intel and Lenovo have made an alliance with the Beijing Genomics Institute, which they will provide with the necessary hardware to analyze petabytes of genetic information.
Supercomputers will help to investigate the transmission patterns, host-pathogen interactions and virulence of the coronavirus.