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New York City will invest $ 37 million to combat mental health crisis

The mayor's office and the City Council have pledged to invest $ 37 million to fight the city's mental health challenges.

A large portion of the budget will reduce the mental health incidents that result in 911 calls and cases of serious mental illness, many of which are fatal. It is estimated that more than 170,000 these calls were received last year, almost double a decade ago.


The measure also seeks to increase the number of people who respond to mental health needs throughout the city, and will add resources to areas of high need. There has also been a greater focus on the mental health of NYPD agents, including new trainings and services. The announcement is made in the context of a wave of suicides by police officers this year.

New campaign seeks to educate tenants in New York about their rights

The city announced on Monday a website that aims to inform the tenants to prevent them from suffering any type of abuse by their landlords. The initiative will run until mid-December and aims for tenants to have more knowledge about new laws that protect them and that came into force in June.

Through tears, this mother denounces that she was thrown into the street with her young children in New Jersey

Jacqueline Rodríguez lives in Paterson and reports that two of her three children suffer from delicate health conditions. He says that the owner of the building where he rented an apartment evicted her and that the only alternative he has is to go to a shelter. Alex Méndez is a member of a foundation and says that “we are going to start knocking on doors to see if we can get a place where she can be permanently.

The drama of hundreds of people in New York who suffer the scourge of domestic violence

October is the month to raise awareness about this issue and experts say there are many types of abuse against victims, especially women. The psychotherapist Karina Aybar says that several of those affected "feel fear or shame to admit that they are in an abusive dynamic." According to city figures, an average of 230,000 calls related to these cases are received each year in the Big Apple.

Cloudy skies in the morning and rainy at night, the forecast for this Tuesday in New York

The maximum temperatures in the Big Apple are expected to reach 63 degrees Fahrenheit and the minimum 55 degrees. The probability of precipitation in the tri-state area is 60% and conditions are expected to improve on Wednesday.