Nydia Velázquez will form part of the congressional committee that will supervise the use of funds from the coronavirus

Nydia Velázquez Will Form Part Of The Congressional Committee That Will Supervise The Use Of Funds From The Coronavirus

Washington – Speaker Nancy Pelosi today named Puerto Rican Democratic Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez to the bipartisan congressional committee that will oversee the use of allocated federal funds to deal with the coronavirus emergency.

At a press conference, Pelosi announced the seven Democratic representatives who will be on the committee, which is chaired by number three in the lower house, James Clyburn.

Along with Velázquez, president of the Small Business Committee, the heads of the Financial Services committees, Maxine Waters, and Investigations and Government Reform, Carolyn Maloney, are part of the commission.


The other Democrats are the Chairs of the Civil Rights Subcommittees, Jamie Raskin, Research Commissions for Science, Space and Technology, Bill Foster, and Economic Growth on the Small Business Committee, Andy Kim.

“We must ensure that the historic investment of taxpayers’ money in the Cares Act is being used intelligently and efficiently to help those in need, not to be exploited by speculators and price scammers,” said Pelosi, president of the United States House of Representatives.