Obscene Signal? Donald Trump Accused Of Offending An Astronaut In Full Conference | El Salvador News

The controversial gesture was captured on video and occurred at a meeting at NASA, after a woman astronaut corrected Trump for having said an incorrect fact.

One more act of intolerance adds to Donald Trump's file. This time he did not attack the press, but against a female astronaut. His behavior has generated outrage on social networks, after the video went viral.

The painful incident occurred last Friday when the president of the United States attended a conference at NASA, according to international media reports.


Photo: Screenshot.

Photo: Screenshot.

Trump tried to praise astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch, who recently participated in a space mission. According to Trump, they had been the first women to walk outside the laboratory that orbits the Earth.

“You are extraordinary people; they are carrying out the first female spacewalk to replace an outer part of the space station, ”said Donald.

Faced with the notable mistake, astronaut Jessica Meir corrected him by saying that “we cannot attribute all the credit because there have been many other female astronauts before us.

He also emphasized: "This is the first time two women have been out at the same time."

Photo: Screenshot.

Photo: Screenshot.

Apparently the president of the USA. UU. It was not very funny that Meir made the clarification. Because while she gave her explanation, Trump began to make gestures of distaste and then raised his hand and "pretended" to have scratched his forehead with his middle finger.

The clip where Trump is seen making that gesture quickly went viral and has been heavily criticized by Internet users.



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