Ochoa’s Position On a Possible Future In MLS

The Major League Soccer of the United States has begun to grow by leaps and bounds and has become one of the most attractive leagues for soccer players. The most recent case is that of Rodolfo Pizarro, footballer who left Rayados de Monterrey to reach the Inter Miami, the new football franchise in the United States. For this decision, Pizarro has been harshly criticized because many believe that the US soccer league does not have a good level, however, the economic power of the MLS has caused many to choose to go to the United States. above the Liga Mx, which is why many fans of America asked journalist Jonatan Peña if in case some teams from the United States were looking for Guillermo Ochoa he had a chance to leave and leave America. Jonathan Peña was clear : the illusion of Guillermo Ochoa is to retire in the Eagles of America. The Mexican goalkeeper had options to reach football in the United States, however, he decided to return to America because his illusion is to finish his career as a footballer of America, which is why he left football in Europe and returned to the team of his loves In this way, Ochoa’s departure to the MLS would be ruled out, making it clear that the goalkeeper puts love and identification ahead of the team before the economic benefit he could get from MLS.