Octogenarian Shoots In Apartment Building In Washington State

Vancouver, Washington – An 80-year-old man shot three people inside a senior apartment building in Washington state on Thursday, killing one man and injuring two women, police said.

The injured were in critical condition and were taken to a hospital, authorities added.

Authorities identified the aggressor as Robert E. Breck.


The man entrenched himself in his apartment after the events and initially refused to leave, police said, but after extensive conversations he was apprehended without further incident.

Some parts of the building were evacuated during the confrontation, and other residents were told to stay in their apartments.

Police do not know the motive for the shooting and the identities of the people shot, said Kim Kapp, spokesman for the Vancouver police.

Due to the complexity of the situation, the police officers who responded to the incident were replaced by SWAT agents with more tactical training. During the negotiations with the suspect, these agents could be seen standing on the multi-story balconies.

The city, with about 175,000 inhabitants, is located north of Portland, Oregon.