Odalys Ramírez Talks About Her Departure From ” Tell Me Now! At Last “

The presenter clarified whether it was a matter of indiscipline, as some rumors claimed.

Although just a few days ago Odalys she returned to the forums to work, after having been sick of coronavirus, the driver received the news that she will no longer be part of one of the broadcasts in which she participated on weekends.


In interview with The universal, The presenter clarified the rumors that were generated around her departure from Tell me at last, the weekend version of the show, as some claimed that his ‘dismissal’ was related to the driver’s haste to record the broadcast during the week.

The couple of Patrick Borghetti He commented that the first day he returned to work, Nino Canún, producer of Tell me now! she approached to tell her that there would be changes that did not include it in the Saturday format, since they were in a different tone.

“I read some things that were said and the truth is that the communication that was had with me is that changes were going to be made, that it was going to be another roll of comedy and since I am not a comedian, then I understood the situation perfectly,” he said. the host.

“I knew it was being handled because it was because I wanted to leave earlier and no, we did joke around with the topic of‘ hurry up because Odalys It is the one that has the news (that is, the one that gets up the earliest of all) ’, but it was a joke in the production and others also joked saying‘ Yes, I also have the news ’; but hey, as all the programs are recorded, there are times when you end up in an hour and others that due to a technical detail or a guest or a situation it took longer, but it has nothing to do with it, “he said.

The host assured that she did not take this change badly, since she understands that this is television and said she was grateful to be part of productions like Tell me now, He also stated that at no time was his professionalism or discipline questioned as the projects in which he has collaborated are proof of the commitment he feels at a professional level.