Odalys Ramírez Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Her husband Patricio Borghetti shared in a video in which she says that her partner is infected with COVID-19 and that it is very likely that he also suffers from the disease.

Last night, Odalys Ramírez and her partner, Patricio Borghetti They shared a video on their social networks in which they announced that the driver presented symptoms of coronavirus and that she went to the hospital emergency after having breathing problems and that they were awaiting the results.


Odalys He told in the video how his process to rule out or confirm that he has coronavirus has been:
“We were already alarmed when we realized that there was a slight shortness of breath and not just shortness of breath when I walked or tried to exercise-because I couldn’t even exercise-sitting or lying down I was starting to get short of breath; So that was the warning signal for the pulmonologist, ”he revealed.

However, a few moments ago, Patrick Borghetti published a new video confirming that the studies carried out Odalys they were positive, for which he would go to the hospital to be tested.

“Well, with the novelty that Oda tested positive for coronavirus, I am going to the hospital to do the test myself, the doctor said that it was necessary to assume that I also have it, but well, for a matter of being certain and giving her a little more clarity to the matter I am going to do the test also so that all the people who have been in contact with me are aware and know what they have to do and take the necessary precautions not to continue spreading this disease, “he added.

“I just tell you something, I am obsessive compulsive with diseases and hygiene rules and antibacterial and everything you can think of and even so at my house it gave us unfortunately,” concluded the Argentine.

Subsequently, the driver published a video on her Instagram profile in which she confirmed that she will remain isolated: “Today, the doctor contacted me very early with me to tell me that she was positive, that is, I do have coronavirus. No symptoms, they have been very mild, I have not had a fever at any time, what caught my attention is that I was short of breath at times and that is why they decided to send me to do the test ”.

“I am well within the most vulnerable groups. I think I will get rid of her perfectly. At the moment, my symptoms are not severe, so it will not be necessary for me to go to a hospital, however, if I am going to have to stay guarded, isolated in a room from my house, without being in contact with anyone else ”, he explained Odalys.

The driver took the opportunity to thank all the signs of affection she has received and regretted that for some weeks she will have to stay away from her family and children and informed that through her social networks she will be narrating her experience with the disease.