Odysseus Bichir: The Actor Is Hospitalized For Panic And Anxiety

Odysseus Bichir: the actor is hospitalized for panic and anxiety | Instagram special photo

The Bichir, once again the family faces a very delicate situation. It's about the actor Odysseus Bichir, At the same time we have seen in novels such as La Doña, The Woman of the Windstorm, A that you don't leave me, among many more appearances. Unfortunately, they are hospitalized for panic and anxiety.

It should be noted that after the cruel way in which his brother Bruno Bichir, He lost his wife, on April 24, who was a Canadian actress, Stefanie Sherk, Odysseus Bichir, was very surprised at how brave his brother was in facing this situation.


Today Master Odysseus Bichir and Benjamin Rivero wait for you at 8:45 in The Lady in Black. Ophelia Theater. Tickets at the box office and Ticketmaster. Are they coming or are they afraid? pic.twitter.com/hpRyJg3wIt

– The Lady in Black (@LaDamadeNegroMX)
August 9, 2019

A delicate situation

"It has happened to me that the more I turn to him I find more reasons to admire him, to recognize his strength of spirit, his character, his temper, his love for life. I have not been able to be with him for obvious reasons," he explained at the time. Odysseus Bichir Najera.

The truth is that Odysseus Bichir, is a very hardworking man and always walks through life with a full agenda. Although they have not given details about his recent hospitalization, he is known to be there because of severe panic attacks and anxiety.

According to a close friend, the actor is in a delicate state of health and, in fact, they are carrying out different studies to define an exact diagnosis. This was explained by the friend in the daily Pass it on!