Ofelia Fernández, Intimate: The Relationship Between Casi Ángeles And CFK, Her Particular Trip Of Graduates And How She Will Manage Social Networks When She Is a Legislator

Ofelia Fernández is 19 years old and has a life linked to politics that dates from 12, when she finished elementary school and asked her classmates if there was any possibility of changing the date of return of the graduate trip. "I wanted to be here on December 7, 2012 because I knew the Media Law was important," said the youngest elected legislator in Latin America.

That day the precautionary was expired as provided by the Supreme Court of Justice. The course responded favorably and Fernández was present at Plaza de Mayo. He also confessed that a couple of years earlier, while watching Almost Angels, Cristina Kirchner interrupted the program to star in a national network. Such an episode was the beginning of his admiration for the former president.

“At that time, what I reflected was that she took care of building tools for political debate. The dynamics of national chains was the ability to raise information in the first person and bring people closer to the government's agenda. You had the president taking care of what was happening in Argentina, ”he recalled in dialogue with Infobae.


In 2013, when he entered the Carlos Pellegrini Higher School of Commerce, he began military. After two years in which he dedicated himself to make himself known, and while Mauricio Macri assumed as president of the Nation, Fernández became – with 15 years – the president of the youngest Student Center in history.

She was reelected and in her second term an episode occurred with another militant, who denounced that after an argument she slapped him. “They were violent, they mistreated us, they took care of making us feel that women could not have legitimacy or importance,” he recalled.

"What teaching did that experience give you?"

– That at the end of the day it does not have to do with a stubbornness towards one, but with an agenda that men do not want nor can occupy. In that Student Center I suffered a lot in the human but it was worth it in the political; Now capable in the human I have my falls. But I am convinced that the transformations that come from the hand of all this are very valuable. Without going any further, last week I had a problem that reached the familiar. That they tried to involve my mother with the route of money K. Route of money K which, in my opinion, is a non-existent route, is like an impressionism that I do not see truthfulness and wanted to involve my mother.

-Bad bad bad. I thought it was excessive, it seemed like a surprise, I thought that … They tell me everything every day, I really tell you. From the physical to the political. The political never really …. In this sector the tendency is not to want to discuss politics with me, they want to disable me as an intervener of politics. Then they have to discover other things, from my weight to the salary that I would charge like all the rest of the legislators or my mother, suddenly, right? For me it was strong because I had to express to someone who did not make the decision to get into these dynamics and logic of shit, really, that it would be all right. I am not sure if everything will be all right or if this is not the first of many in this that I choose. The truth is that I told them: "How scary a 19-year-old boy gives them."

"Do you manage your social networks?" How do you live with virtual aggressions?

—I manage my social networks. I don't read the messages, many arrive, every so often I try to look at them. Instagram with the dynamics of answering stories many things can appear. Twitter I read them more but it's strange how notifications arrive, I always forget. The comments I do not read on this.

"The same thing happens in the street?"

-Zero. It is Twitter's anonymity that allows them to say the things they say. On the street I receive the opposite: affection, bench, companionship, so it does not affect me at all. I am very prepared in that regard. And very convinced of what I do and the value it has. When they want to take me off the axis I follow. They are names with 28 numbers and two followers. It seems to be very strong but it is not.

—For example on Instagram and Twitter they called you “anti-system that Apple uses” or “cheta that pretends to be poor”.

"But I never pretended to be poor, that's very rare." All that campaign for Adidas and Apple … I never stated that the idea is not to be able to consume those products or the products themselves. The issue is the terrible inequality with which it is distributed. It is what gives me the most grace. Guys, are pathetic, to think that our approach passes through that place, as we want to outlaw all consumption and in reality what we are denouncing is that it is distributed unevenly. And it is proposed that it is the only valid aspiration we have and which only some can access.

"Every time, but I cry with bullshit." The other day I cried more for my mother than for me. I cry more with movies and series.

– Do you feel that being a legislator you will have to modify the exposure on social networks?

-I understand that not. I am very obsessed with the possibility of starting to build profiles, a policy that is not so elevated to the politics of daily militancy, that the pressures are the responsibility of commitment and conviction and transformation. That I am measured or studied by the transformations that I propose, the level of reality that they manage to take, that political and non-private construction is characterized. I try to be as genuine as I can, I'm 19 years old. The things I do or do people my age do not have to intervene.

"Do you have friends who voted for Mauricio Macri?"

"Don't you surround yourself with people who could have voted for you?"

"I don't cross them." I think I would do well, I am in inbred circles, with my friends we have other values ​​and principles. And at the same time it is better. The macro project is deficient. Let a guy (Miguel Ángel Pichetto) say that there is dynamiting the town 1-11-14 and be another news and not a scandal is terrible. I understand myself completely incompatible with those values ​​and principles. That hate …

—How do you think his management will be remembered?

– It will be a strong memory of our people and very negative. An experience with the fastest destructive capacity in democratic history. The greater speed and misery that has been seen in four years … It is serious, the pain of seeing families hiding from their children to cry because they could not pay the electricity bills. Argentines and Argentines will always remember it. Hopefully we are developing a government that is remembered for the fastest uprising.

– What opinion do you deserve two women of politics like María Eugenia Vidal and Elisa Carrió?

—Carrió has an absurd impunity. Very serious statements to those who do not want to grant that price. Luckily it is retired. They are attacking me because I am going to collect the same salary as the whole legislative body, I am even going to charge less because I am working on a closer and more fair collection criteria for CABA workers. I am questioned that and she says she is retiring from March to have paid vacations and there is no problem. Is a teacher. As for Vidal, they try to place in a place of empowerment or construction of equality, a picture to challenge a sector of rejection of the macro policies that is feminism and will not work. I don't understand feminism as a separate agenda and yes as a perspective.

– After your candidacy was confirmed, you said: “In the PJ they looked at me weird because I don't have pija or experience.” Did they challenge you after that statement?

"They didn't challenge me, we make jokes." I am the first to say that I was wrong. But I was surprised that they turned it around … I said it in a context that ended up being a title. It was a way of saying it was a novelty. In fact it is a value of the PJ that put a person of 19 years in an expected position. It was misunderstood. The reality is that I am eternally grateful to the Frente de Todos and the PC. That they said "we are going to bet on this kid" has enormous value.

"What look do you have on the current Left?"

"A bad look." I think they are in a search for permanent delimitation rather than to build real politics. Programmatically I do not say "oh, what a horror", but I do say: how easy it is to say the best things without having the capacity to build it politically. There is a phrase from Rosa Luxemburg, I like to quote it, which is: ‘It is better to advance a concrete step in reality than a thousand flawless or infallible programs’. Here no one militates to clean their conscience but to save people's lives.

"You are very close to Juan Grabois, what does he mean to you?"

—A referent of political construction, social movements and the conquest of their demands. Juan has a very deep commitment to those sectors that has conquered great things. I respect him, I love him deeply and I learn a lot from him.

—With only 19 years of age, you're a legislator in the city of Buenos Aires, what ideas would you like to be able to achieve by becoming a legislator?

—I think that the city of Buenos Aires on December 10 will continue to have 7 thousand people living in a street situation and that has to be resolved. There is a housing emergency and there are also permanent evictions in CABA to those who build houses in a cooperative way saving this problem that they are not solving. From the feminist agenda, the need to implement at once the protocol against gender violence in all educational institutions, the law of Integral Sexual Education, compliance with the legal interruption of pregnancy. I have many projections and I will give them knowing on the way.

"Do you project another political goal?"

-Do not. I don't think where I want to go, I just know that I want to go.