Official: Boca Junior Defines The Future Of Colombian Sebastián Pérez | Colombians Abroad

Official: Boca Junior defines the future of Colombian Sebastián Pérez | Colombians Abroad | Football




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The Colombian made official his departure from Barcelona from Ecuador and will train in his ‘new’ club.



Futbolred writing

February 19, 2020, 11:02 a.m.

The uncertainty for Sebastián Pérez is over. Or is it just beginning? Two readings have the new twist that his career has taken and that was officially confirmed this Wednesday.

The first and most important thing is th at finally the player will return to training, but not in a new team but in an old acquaintance: Boca Juniors of Argentina.

The club itself confirmed its decision regarding the future of its player:

[FUTBOL] The Colombian player Sebastián Pérez, who was on loan in Barcelona until June, obtained a permit for a salary debt from the Ecuadorian club and returned to train with the First of Boca, with the endorsement of Miguel Russo.

More information 👉

– Boca Jrs. Official (@BocaJrsOficial) February 19, 2020

“With the endorsement of coach Miguel Russo, the Colombian will be able to train with the professional team at the Ezeiza Center,” the team said in a statement.

“Sebastián Pérez, a Boca player who was on loan until June in Barcelona from Ecuador, due to the salary breach of the Ecuadorian club he obtained the authorization to return to Boca and train with the squad of Primera”, he added about his departure from the Ecuadorian club in the one who had his last minutes of competition.

The question now is: does that end the uncertainty or deepen it? Remember that this is a player that the DT did not request and a position that is covered in Boca.

The team responded like this: “In this way the player will be able to remain in optimal physical and football conditions to fight for his best sporting future from June and, also, Boca safeguards his interests with his own player and who has a contract with the club until 2021 “.



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