Olympian Seiko Hashimoto Takes Over From Mori In Charge Of Tokyo 2020 After Her Resignation Due To Sexist Statements

The Olympic medalist Seiko Hashimoto, who until now held the position of Minister of the Olympic Games, has been appointed as the new president of the committee in charge of organizing Tokyo 2020. This occurs after the resignation of Yoshiro Mori, former president of the committee and who had to leaving office due to statements in which he stated, among other things, that holding meetings with women is very complicated because “they talk too much.”

“In five months from now, the Tokyo Games will be held and they have to be safe,” said Hashimoto at the meeting where his appointment was approved, according to EFE. In addition, she considers this a way to “give back what she received” during her time as an Olympic athlete, in which she won a bronze medal in the Ice Speed ​​Skating category at the Winter Olympics held in Albertville in 1992. .


At 56, she became the second woman to lead an organizing committee for the Olympic Games. The first was Gianna Angelopoulos at the 2004 Athens Olympiad.

Yoshiro Mori announced his resignation after the controversy sparked by his macho comments last week during a meeting of the Committee’s leadership. She affirmed that increasing the female quota in the Olympic Committee would make it necessary to regulate the speaking time in meetings: “If not, we would never finish”

“My inappropriate statements have caused a lot of chaos,” admitted Mori, who again expressed his “deep apologies” to the organizing committee and to society as a whole.

“I heard someone say that if we increase the number of women on the board we have to regulate speaking time somehow or else we will never end,” Mori said during a Japan Olympic Committee meeting where the increase was being discussed. of the number of women members from 20% to 40%. From that moment on, criticism from various sectors of the world of politics and sport, both inside and outside of Japan, has not ceased, including those of the International Olympic Committee, which crossed out his words as “absolutely inappropriate” and “in contradiction “with the principles of this body.

“The important thing is that the Games are held as planned,” Mori stressed when he presented his resignation from office. The one who until now was the head of Tokyo 2020 has stated that his intention “was not to belittle women” when making these statements: “I have worked hard so that women are widely heard, more than men,” said Mori, She has also spoken of the “efforts” she has made during her career to integrate more women into the Olympic and Paralympic movements.



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