OMG! An Accident? Aracely Arambula Looks Unrecognizable After Doing This On His Face What Happened To Him?

Aracely Arámbula is one of the most viewed and loved Mexican artists of the last time. Watching it on television is a luxury and he knows that very well.

Aracely is known for being a conductor and protagonist of the hit series “Doña 2”. He is also the former partner of Mexican singer Luis Miguel and has two children with him.Arambula It is a trend these days due to something that has happened and that has been reflected in their social networks. Apparently he has changed his face in an alarming way.

And is that the famous has posted a video on the Instagram account where we see her very changed, her fans have fallen in love to see her. The Aztec has given her fans a video with a very special filter that makes the face take different strange forms, this has caught the attention of all her fans.


The Mexican is the living example that persistence has its fruits and in several interviews has commented on how much it has cost to get where it is today.

Lately, the actress He has been in the middle of a fight with Luis Miguel for the support of his children, and he accused him of not paying him. On the other hand, people close to the singer indicate that he does.