OMG! Brad Pitt Forgot About Angelina Jolie And Will Meet Up With Jennifer Aniston To Do This!

The iconic couple of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston ended their relationship in 2005. But fifteen years later, after the infidelities and humiliations involved, both consolidated a great friendship.

Much is rumored about this romance, which was one of the most beloved in the world Hollywood. The truth is that Jennifer at 50 years old, decided to forgive Brad, the man of his life. And the two began a new link: being friends beyond love. Related News Apparently Pitt and Aniston would be giving themselves a new opportunity. As confirmed by the British newspaper “The Mirror”, both would be planning a secret getaway to an exclusive site in Los Angeles. For what is this?

This mini honeymoon among the actors, is to celebrate the second Oscar, the greatest recognition in the race of Pitt, being consecrated as Best Supporting Actor for his lead role in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.


The 56-year-old actor, after being prominent, decided to move away from the industry for a while. And to get rid of the routine and the cameras, he will go on a trip and renew energies with Aniston.

On the other hand, a key witness of the British newspaper assured a revealing fact. “Brad and Jennifer will be at the exclusive San Vicente Bungalows in LA. It is the only place outside their homes where they are guaranteed the anonymity that, as guests, they need, ”said the source close to the actors.

As if this were not enough, the holidays will not have a single destination, apparently the couple plans a trip to Mexico. “They want to go on a trip to Los Cabos, in fact, they are working in logistics, because both are really excited to spend some time together now that the madness of the awards session is over,” said the source. Reconciliation of Aniston and Pitt at the door? We’ll see!