OMG! Lyn May Is Premiere … And Now What !?

Lyn May is used to being news forever, and in fact it seems she enjoys being in the spotlight.

The actress She began her very young career, in Mexican cinema, and it did not cost her much to stand out for her beauty, among her colleagues. Related News Before arriving to appear in front of the cameras, Liliana, had a brief but successful step as a dancer, in the recognized Tropicana hotel in Acapulco.

There, the attention of journalist Pedro Cardona, who convinced the artist to travel to Mexico City, to join the picture of dancers of the popular TV show “Always on Sunday”. Everything was going well for the native of Acapulco, until he decided to undergo an aesthetic treatment that went wrong, and brings him problems to this day.


TO the woman of Chinese descentOf course, without her knowing what it was, they injected plane oil into her face.

Since then, Lyn went through several surgeries to try to reverse the damage they had caused him, and a few months ago it was the last one, of which he showed the result on his Instagram account.