On November 1 There Are Classes In Chicago. Teachers Suspend Strike | Univision Chicago WGBO

CHICAGO, Illinois. – After two weeks of a work stoppage, the Chicago Teachers Union and the city administration announced that the strike will be suspended, as an agreement was reached, which will be accompanied by five days (eleven in which no there were classes) of instruction that will be recovered.

On November 1 there will be classes at the Chicago Public Schools, as announced by the city administration.

The mayor of Chicago spoke from the town hall around 1:30 pm this Thursday, October 31. The city and the Chicago Teachers Union agreed that five days of missed classes will be replenished.


This agreement would put an end to the strike after 15 days of starting and after 11 days without school. The labor strike affected more than 300 thousand students. Chicago has the third largest educational system in the United States.

On October 17, 2019, 25,000 teachers from the Chicago Teachers Union together with more than 7,000 support workers, unionized with the local SEIU 73, went to work stoppage to seek better working conditions in a new employment contract.

This is the proposal made by the city to members of the Chicago Teachers Union

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