On The Way Out, Macri Does The Dirty Work For Donald …

"The alliance between Italy and the United States goes back to the Roman Empire," said Donald Trump, while in Argentina, his friend Mauricio Macri, in the campaign, harangued: "Let it be heard throughout Corrientes!" But he was in the province of Chaco . They are twinned by a cultural standard of fourth. And well classist in that the power of money matters more than knowledge. At least the two coincide in their difficulties with history and geography and in other matters, such as Venezuela.

Macri goes out of his way to flatter him. Ten days before the elections in which everyone takes for granted that he will not have re-election, which will be rejected by the absolute majority of Argentines, without even a second round, he made strategic decisions to benefit Trump's interests in the region but that They compromise the most democratic and peaceful approach of the future government.

Before the imminent collapse of his presidency, Macri made Paula Bertol resign as representative of the country in the Organization of American States (OAS) and ordered Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie to replace her with a career official close to the PRO through the Secretary of Affairs Strategic Foreign Ministry, Fulvio Pompeo.


Bertol is a leading cad of the PRO. She has been legislator for the city and national deputy. His designation corresponded to Washington's decision to make the OAS the main tool of his offensive to recover Venezuela's oil, a priority of US policy for the region.

Felipe Solá, possible future chancellor of Alberto Fernandez if he wins the elections, denounced these changes in the chancery as "scandalous and in bad faith." And he explained in journalistic statements that "Bertol did not fulfill his mandate as ambassador, resigned for the campaign and appointed a career ambassador who thinks similar in the OAS, where things are discussed where our thinking is different from that of the Government."

Since Bertol's was a political designation, he would have had to resign when the government changed, now the new representative will have to be removed by decree. Macri made Bertol resign early with the unlikely excuse that he needs her in a campaign that is already in its final stretch. Before resigning, the leader approved a call to the TIAR promoted by the United States to study a joint plan of aggression against Venezuela.

Among the points included in this decision, it is indicated that one of the measures that may be taken will be "identify or designate persons and entities associated with the Nicolás Maduro regime involved in illegal activities of money laundering, illegal drug trafficking, terrorism and its financing and linked to transnational organized crime networks, in order to use all available measures and to freeze their assets located in the territories of the States Parties to the TIAR. "

During the George Bush administration, the United States kidnapped people accused of terrorism in different countries and kept them missing in concentration camps such as Guantanamo. The document signed by Bertol in New York, with the consent of Macri enables “to investigate, prosecute, capture, extradite and punish”.

During the electoral debate, Alberto Fernández warned about the possibility that the foreign policy decision taken by Macrismo, along with other reactionary governments in the region, be used to legitimize an invasion of Venezuela.

"I do not want an Argentine soldier to fall dead in Venezuelan territory" was the phrase that Fernandez used and that for many sounded like exaggeration. The candidate of the Frente de Todos did not exaggerate. The TIAR was created in 1947 in the framework of the Cold War and was used to legitimize military interventions in Guatemala in 1954, in Cuba in 1961, in the Dominican Republic in 1965, in Granada in 1983 and in Panama in 1989.

By order of then President Juan Perón, Foreign Minister Juan Atilio Bramuglia had fought a hard battle to oppose the creation of the TIAR, but finally Argentina had to fold to avoid being isolated from the rest of its neighbors. In 2012, Hugo Chavez withdrew Venezuela from the agency and was followed by Nicaragua, Ecuador and Bolivia.
"It is painful that countries that were invaded by US troops and whose villages were massacred in application of the TIAR – said the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry in a statement – today endorse a similar crime against a sister country, in a Council session OAS permanent, clearly iridescent and void. It will be History and the people of the Great Homeland who are responsible for judging this unworthy attitude. "

The statement recalled that during the Falklands war, Argentina summoned the TIAR, but the United States ignored the commitment to help that the Treaty obliges against external aggression and, instead, acted as Britain's ally in NATO, the enemy of Argentina, which now joins the United States to attack Venezuela.

The development of the conflict with Venezuela highlighted the hegemonic role of the United States in the OAS because the country that demanded the intervention of the TIAR, was the Venezuelan delegation, which represents an opposition group and not the government that won the elections.

Juan Guaidó was recognized as president of Venezuela by a minority of countries influenced by Washington. Instead of seeking a peaceful solution, the Macri government has been one of the most enthusiastic in accompanying Donald Trump's aggressive escalation.

In a gesture that at this point has a purely symbolic projection, Macri recognized a few days ago the representative of Juan Guaidó, Elisa Trotta, as the only ambassador of that country in Argentina. And he let it go that he will not renew the visa to the real Venezuelan diplomats.

If Macri won the elections, this process would have led to an escalation that would result in the expulsion of diplomats representing the true government of Venezuela, who, in turn, would have had to expel the Argentine business representative in that country.

But Macri has been the great defeated and the only objective of these decisions has been to put obstacles to his successor, especially in the relationship with Donald Trump, who will necessarily have to be an important interlocutor in debt negotiation. In this way, Macri does the dirty work for Washington.

They already did it before. “Dirty work” was the phrase used by former Economy Minister Alfonso Prat Gay six months after he took over Macri, when he explained in New York that they had dollarized rates and removed obstacles to paying vulture funds and taking debt.

The fall of Macri leaves many examples of dirty work. The Commercial Chronicler confirmed the departure of the country from the local president of the HSBC, Gabriel Martino. In 2015, four thousand Argentine accounts were discovered, with more than 3,500 million dollars undeclared, in the Swiss branch of the bank. It was evident that this capital flight, – as was happening at record pace in recent months – had been stimulated by the bank through small traps in the operations. There were fines and legal complaints against the executive of that bank and even the Central Bank was about to ask to be expelled.

But Martino was saved because when Macri won, he used his influence and stopped all legal cases against him. The man became one of his most influential advisors, with free entry to Quinta de Olivos, and intervened even in several tranches of debt issuance.

Its defender in that scandal by escape and laundering of 3500 million dollars was María Eugenia Talerica. As a great symbol of the perverse and liar discourse of his government, when Macri assumed it, he was appointed vice president of the Financial Information Unit (FIU), the body that should combat the escape and money laundering, a crime for which he had defended Martino .



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