One Of Ben Affleck’s First Works Was So Bad That The Director Doubled Her Only Sentence With The Voice Of Another Actor [Video]

Ben Affleck has a filmography that brings together Oscar awards, thrillers, action, dramas and Batman himself. But hidden between its beginnings we can find Buffy, the vampire slayer, the original 1992 film released five years before Sarah Michelle Gellar went hunting in the cult series. At that time, Ben made his first steps in movie mecca as an extra and on that occasion he played a high school basketball player who barely said a phrase, but as he told himself in an interview with SiriusXM, when he saw the movie in Cinemas realized that he had another voice in the footage. And so he confronted the director, who confessed that he had doubled his sentence with another actor because he was very dissatisfied with the performance he had given. In that scene, Ben Affleck was facing an opponent transformed into a werewolf who showed him the teeth of threatening way to get the ball. And all the actor should say was “Take it” – “Take it”. “Apparently I’m very bad at that movie,” he said about his role. “The director had hated my performance so much that it touched up the whole performance, which was a single phrase. So I appear dubbed and in my language!” Shortly after Ben could prove that He was able to improve with a role in Richard Linklater’s classic, Movida del 76, and the rest is history.