Only He Can Do It In Quarantine! Justin Bieber Took a Risk And Even Walked On “lava” Are You Up For It?

Justin Bieber is doing practically anything and more now in times when the quarantine in the United States is more severe due to the coronavirus.

Justin has been at his California house for days because of the impossibility of going anywhere, so he makes different challenges to hang out.

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Bieber is having fun and with his wife Hailey Baldwin they spend unrepeatable moments and now they have posted an incredible video on their social networks.

In addition to being dangerous, it is very funny what the singer did and ended up having a good run-in, as he walked on “lava” in his own house.

The challenge was to walk from the living room to his room without touching the floor that was full of “melted stone”, to do that the Canadian uses everything at his disposal.

The famous rides on skates, skateboards, some tightrope tubes to cross all the way, with this he even challenged his followers to imitate him.

The video in question quickly became one of the most viewed of all that the star has on his Instagram account. At the end of it you can see the surprising ending. Did it hurt?