Only The Salary Goes Up To "public Employees"

"If they say vice president, I don't feel alluded to," Carmen Calvo said on Wednesday morning. The vice president expressed herself thus regretting that the response given by the Royal Spanish Academy to her consultation on "inclusive language" in the Constitution has not proved her right. According to Calvo, "women have the right to have the text of our Constitution call us by our gender: presidents, ministers and deputies."

And that is why the vice president has joined the initiative of Ana Caballe, National History Prize, who has sent a letter to the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, suggesting that the House's surname "of the Deputies" be removed from the House official name. "I absolutely support this initiative because the women of this country have the right to have language evolve and recognize us, because the brain cannot continue to function in masculine," said Pedro Sánchez's number two.

And the vice president seems right that the brain is still thinking about male. Just go to the Official State Gazette on Wednesday to see how the Government of which she is number two has discriminated against all of her civil servants and employees of the Administration in Royal Decree-Law 2/2020, of January 21, 2020, whereby urgent measures are approved regarding remuneration in the public sector.


The legal text provides for a 2.25% increase in the salary of 2.5 million public employees. But if we follow the argument of the Executive or the custom of some of its members who call it "Council of Ministers" – like the current head of Equality, Irene Montero -, the legal text would have saved a good peak to public accounts. Because it applies the increase only to 1,127,366 men and leaves out the 1,451,022 women who work for the State, the Autonomous Communities or the City Councils of Spain, according to the latest statistical bulletin of the staff at the service of Public Administrations.

The legal text, 44 pages, cites the word "official" or "officials" 55 times. And not once did the word "official" or "official". Zero. He also speaks of "employee" or "employees" five times. But in none of its around 1,900 lines does it use the term "employed" or "employed." Zero too.

Calvo defends inclusive language in the Constitution

The decree also uses the word "president" up to 21 times, and does not contemplate the possibility of any "president": neither from the Government, nor from the Constitutional Court, nor from the Economic and Social Council … And the same goes for " vice president, "which appears in five cases, but never" vice president. "

Total, that if Calvo does not "feel alluded to" by a decree "thought of masculine", in reality it does not affect the rise in remuneration from 77,991.72 euros to 79,746.24 that she approved one day before pronouncing on these terms The state would thus save, at a minimum, its 2.25% salary increase, the 1,754.52 euros that would correspond.

Calvo says that Congress must stop calling itself “of the deputies” because it discriminates against the deputies. Does Calvo know that in the RDecreto Law approved yesterday by the Government, only the salary of “employees” and “officials”, discriminated against women, is increased? Forward photos.

– Mario Garcés Sanagustín (@MarioGarcesSan) January 22, 2020

The PP's economic spokesman in the Congress of Deputies has pointed out this circumstance on his Twitter. With great sneer, Mario Garcés recalls that if "Calvo says that Congress must stop calling itself 'deputies' because it discriminates against deputies", the vice president should know that the royal decree approved this Tuesday in Moncloa "only increases the salary of 'employees' and 'officials' discriminating against women. "