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The flames continue to win the battle of the dozens of fire brigades that reached the limits of Sonoma County, in northern California, to quell the Kincade fire, which so far consumes more than 10,000 acres of vegetation and is totally out of control.

At a press conference on the edge of the noon, law enforcement agencies and emergency services endorsed the message to the population: "Leave your homes, do not resist." So far, more than 2,000 people in the Geyserville region are under mandatory evacuation orders.


The sonoma county sheriff said Healdsburg residents, south of the fire zone, should be ready to leave their homes at any time.

The authorities recalled the devastating fires that occurred in 2017 in the same region, but were emphatic in asking the community not to refuse to evacuate even if they feel they are better prepared than two years ago.

Regarding the fire control, the head of Cal FIRE explained that the situation is very changing and that strong winds have hindered the access of the brigade members to the fire zone. Although the causes of the conflagration have not yet been determined, firefighters said it started near the Geysers geothermal plant.