Orlando Bloom And James Corden Confronted Ivanka About Donald Trump

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 Ivanka Trump

The wedding of British designer Misha Nonoo managed to gather at the end of last September a very different group of guests among which were royals such as the Dukes of Sussex, Hollywood stars and figures as relevant to American society as Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner.

The presence of the daughter of the controversial president of the United States had generated almost as much expectation as Harry and Meghan's, but at least they could enjoy the celebration without anyone caring, a courtesy that actor Orlando Bloom and presenter James Corden – who were among the attendees – did not do with Ivanka.


The two friends took full advantage of the open bar that accompanied the post-link party and ended the evening by screaming for the businesswoman to do something to stop her father's feet.

"He was a little drunk and accompanied by Orlando Bloom, who I think he had drunk as much as I did or maybe a little less. We were at the bar and suddenly we saw Ivanka. I don't remember one hundred percent what happened next, but I have Of course, at that point we were quite drunk and we began to shout: 'Ivanka, you can do something! You can make a difference! You can do it! You can improve things.' And I remember that she kept telling us: 'Lo I'm trying, I'm trying "https://www.msn.com/," the British host confessed in his late-night for American television during a 'truth or dare' game.



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