Orlando Bloom Boasts The First Photo Of Katy Perry Pregnant

Katy Perry starred in her first public act after announcing her pregnancy.

A few days ago, the singer Katy Perry publicly announced her pregnancy, overflowing on social media a wave of beautiful comments for showing off her belly at the premiere of her new music video Never Worn White.


“There are many things that will happen this summer,” he said Katy to his fans in a live stream through his Instagram account last Wednesday night. “I will not only give birth, literally, but figuratively to something you have been waiting for. So let’s call it a double bang.”

Now, the star made its first public act by going to Melbourne’s cricket state in Australia to perform at the final of the 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World It will be held this Sunday.

But the most proud was his fiance Orlando Bloom, who shared on her Instagram account a photograph of the singer posing with her proud pregnancy belly: “My babies bloom,” the actor wrote next to the photograph.

During your stay in Australia, Katy Perry will offer a charity concert at Bright’s Pioneer Park Reserve in Victoria because of the recent fires in the country.

The performer and the actor met in January 2016 during the after party of the Golden Globes. After that meeting, the paparazzi picked them up again on a trip to Hawaii.

After keeping in profile under your romance, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom They ended in March 2017, however, months later they resumed their romance and since then they have become inseparable.

In February of last year the couple announced their commitment. The English artist asked marriage to Perry on Valentine’s Day and then both confirmed the news through social networks.