Orlando Bloom Embraced Celibacy Before Meeting Katy Perry

The actor found that giving up sex helped him relate in a different way to women, but considers that it was not healthy to abstain for so long.

A few years ago, during a stage in his life when, for reasons he could not understand, he was unable to honestly say that he was happy, the actor Orlando Bloom He chose to practice celibacy on the recommendation of his friend Laird Hamilton.


“The goal is to end that expectation, like when you go to a party thinking about who you will meet that night. I realized that I could also maintain a relationship with a woman who strictly adheres to the field of friendship,” he revealed in an interview. to Sunday The Sunday Times.

Although he is aware that at first this idea may seem “crazy”, the interpreter enjoyed the experience of eliminating sex from the equation in his social interactions so much that he ended up extending his vow of chastity twice what he had expected in a first moment.

“I was really enjoying the way I related to women and my own feminine side.”

However, at six months his path crossed with the singer Katy Perry , his current fiancĂ©e and with whom he is waiting for his second offspring, at the gala of the Golden Globes of 2016 and, although they already coincided in similar events in the past, on that occasion connect in a different way and eventually he put an end to his self-imposed ‘drought’.

“Let’s see, it was to go crazy, really, and I don’t think it’s healthy. And I don’t think I’m going to recommend it to others. You have to keep things running down there,” he admitted.

For the most curious, Orlando has clarified that in that period of time he did “absolutely nothing”, referring to viewing pornography, which on the other hand does not consider a healthy habit.

“When you see multiple people having an indefinite number of encounters in a single afternoon … how are you going to live up to all this for your own partner?”