Ortiz Bosch Is Stable After Undergoing a Surgical Process In New York

The former vice president and high leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Milagros Ortiz Bosch, was operated in a New York hospital after presenting health problems.

In confirming the fact to Listín Diario, his personal assistant, Julio Cordero, expla ined that the former ex-senator for the National District is in good health and that her life "was never in danger."

Ortiz Bosch was operated on a fistula produced by a diverticulum at Presbyterian Hospital in New York, where he is resting.


Cordero said that it is likely that at the end of the month he is already in the country and integrates into his normal activities as leader of the PRM.

"He was never in danger, everything was super good," Cordero said when conversing via telephone with Listín Diario.

Ortiz Bosch was intervened on September 9 at the referred health center, where she remained admitted for a week, but was already discharged a week later and is recovering satisfactorily.

His assistant explained that he will remain in New York until he is seen by a specialist and determines that everything is going well.