Oswaldo Alanís Defends Briseño: There Have Been a Thousand Stronger Entries

It is almost a week since Antonio Briseño's spectacular entry to Giovani dos Santos in the National Classic, but for Oswaldo Alanís there are "thousands" of tickets like that in games and training, although not as cumbersome.

According to the former Oviedo, Briseño wanted to make a more technical foul, but without hurting the Americanist.

“They are errors, it is a fault that could have been very simple that no card had been taken, but unfortunately the cue gets stuck in the leg, there have been a thousand stronger moves, we have lived even in training and nothing happens. On that occasion he gets stuck in the leg, Gio's cut comes, he feels ugly and it's not something we want from anyone, hard to live too, but to say he was wrong? It's a very normal soccer play, ”said Alanís.


"It could be a tactical fault that he tried to do, I don't know what the intention was, but it is not to the magnitude as it ended up being, it was not the intention, unfortunately that happened, but now calmer, thinking the most serene things all people, it's quiet, working and thinking about what's coming. "

Briseño was punished four duels for the entrance to Dos Santos, who needed surgery to repair the damage, with an estimated six-week leave.

“I see him calm, he did see him very worried the first few days, although he is very strong and has a character, he is someone who has fought hard and knows how to be a leader. If it had cost him, he was very depleted, wanting to remedy something he did not do intentionally, something he would not have wanted to happen. The way to help is to be positive, telling him to be calm, that in the end life always gives you back what you give and when you don't do it with bad intention, it is resolved in the best way, ”Alanís added.

With the suspension of the Chicken, the return of Hiram Mier is sung, already recovered from his muscular injury and who completed 90 minutes in the MX Cup against the Roadrunner.

“(Briseño) He was calm, sitting in his place waiting, listening to the technician's instructions. In life you have to be a little measured, I was not going to be crying and shattered either, but I was sad, I was in pain, I was a little dismayed, worried about what had happened and what could happen too, ”he said.