Pablo Lyle’s Lawyer Explains The Real Situation Of Her Case

Miami criminal lawyer Sandra Hoyos denied that the actor had sued the state of Florida; explained that only one appeal was filed

Pablo Lyle did not sue the state of Florida as reported this week by the Telemundo chain, based on alleged documents that were entered into the actor’s file in recent days.


Actually, it is a request that the actor and his lawyers made to the state to reconsider that he acted in self-defense when hitting the deceased Juan Ricardo Hernandez, as argued in the appeal filed by the defense last October in the corresponding court.

Miami criminal lawyer Sandra Hoyos explained in the program Selling the situation and specified in what lies the strategy of the defense of the Mexican.

“Pablo Lyle is not suing the state, I tell you clearly, there is no demand from Pablo Lyle against the state, what does exist is an appeal, and what many media are showing is a document that says’ Pablo Lyle against the state of Florida ‘, of course, because he is the appellant. ”

“He is appealing the decision of the court that was taken in September. The lawyers are asking the court to make a decision in favor of Pablo Lyle so that they can come back to argue in defense now in front of the new judge and the lawyers filed the appeal on October 29 last year. The state of response to that appeal is expected, ”explained the lawyer.

Pits He pointed out that in the Court of Appeal all the arguments are presented in writing and if the three judges consider that they want to hear the arguments of the lawyers or have any doubt after reading the letter they can ask that the actor appear again.

“The strategy of the defense of the actor seeks that the Court of Appeal fails in their favor and determine that the judge Alan Fine did not make a correct determination and what causes is that all the arguments be resubmitted, the videos be resubmitted if the judge admits them as evidence or not and that all the witnesses are resubmitted in order of seeking his freedom based on that detention, ”added the lawyer

It was on Sunday, March 31, when the cameras of a gas station captured the right moment when the Mexican artist hit a man of Cuban origin named Juan Ricardo Hernandez, 63, who died days after being hospitalized after falling unconscious by the blow that the actor gave him.

It is expected that the lawyers of the actor will request to present again the argument that Pablo acted in self-defense because he feared for the safety of his two children and his wife