Pablo Lyle’s Lawyer Gives Details Of The New Defense Strategy

In court, the petition that the Mexican actor acted in self-defense during a traffic lawsuit where one person died was again denied.

Last week, Pablo Lyle He suffered a severe setback in the judicial process he faces for the reckless murder of a man, which occurred more than a year ago.


The Miami Court once again rejected the argument that the Mexican actor had acted in self-defense and that was why he had punched Ricardo Hernández during a traffic lawsuit.

This court ruling affected Pablo Lyle, who is depressed because he has already been under house arrest for a year.

“Of course he did not like the idea, he was frustrated and sad that this will continue, but he will reach the final consequences and we are all confident that in the end self defense can be demonstrated,” he told the program. Selling Bruce H. Lehrlawyer of Pablo Lyle.

Before this resolution of the Court, the lawyers of the protagonist of Mirreyes VS Godínez They warned that they will not remove their finger from the line.

“The Court supported the Tribunal, who was the one who did not accept the ‘Stand Your Ground’ appeal. We, what we are going to present and we will do it successfully, in my opinion, is the resource of self-defense, if we reach a trial. I don’t think anyone could deny that this was about self-defense, “he added. Bruce H. Lehr


The actor’s legal representative also said that if they go to trial they will resort to a new strategy called “en banc”, which consists of a panel of judges listening to the testimony of Paul. This will happen if the Court so requires.

“For now, what we will try to do with the ‘Stand Your Ground’ appeal is to legally argue the self-defense in the case, and we will review again the ruling of the Court of Appeals and we will decide if we can resort to some higher instance or if We will ask the full Court of Appeals to sit ‘En Banc’, we are reconsidering our options. ”

For now, the process of the Mexican actor is stopped by the health emergency by Covid. In fact, if a trial is reached, it may take place in late 2020 or until next year.

“We are exploring and reviewing everything in the Court of Appeals, and on the appeal we do not have an appointment yet and neither for the trial because the Court is still closed.”