Pachuca Defeats America And Meets Atlas In The Final

Mexico City (AP) — With two goals from Ecuador’s Romario Ibarra and Eric Sanchez on Sunday night, Pachuca defeated the United States 3-0 to compete in the final of the Klausla tournament in Mexico. ..

Ibarra first shook the net in the 12th minute to add a goal in the 65th minute, and Sanchez scored a goal in the 43rd minute with a midrange shot to give direction to the series, ending with a total score of 4-1. Of Tuzos.


Pachuca, led by Guillermo Almada of Uruguay, has reached its first final since Klausla in 2016. This was when I won the sixth title in history.

The best regular tournament, Los Tuzos, will visit the current champion on Thursday and Round 2 will take place on Sunday at the Hidalgo Stadium. The schedule is set by regulation, but the schedule will be announced on Monday by the Mexican Football Federation.

With their victory, Pachuca expanded their hegemony over the United States in the direct exclusion series. Since the introduction of the short tournament in Mexico in 1996, Tuzos has knocked out the Eagles five out of six they have met.

Azul Crema also saw 11 games in a row without breaking the defeat. This helped me jump to the semifinals from under the table.

Now, leaders must make decisions about the future of Argentine coach Fernando Ortiz, who took over from his compatriot Santiago Solari and directed the club’s awakening later in the tournament.

One of the two most popular teams in the country, the United States has not been a champion since Apertura in 2018.

The fate of the Eagles may have been different. In the first minute, Chile’s Diego Valdés faced goalkeeper Oscar Ustari one-on-one and rebounded several times with his feet to avoid the goal.

The Argentine goalkeeper weighed again three minutes later when Richard Sanchez of Paraguay, who was rejected from a corner kick, shot from the midrange.

Pachuca shook off the visiting domain and approached 5 with a shot by Colombia’s Avilés Hurtard, who was rejected by goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.

When Hartado took advantage of the hesitation from the local defenders to enter from the right side, Tuzos took the lead and sent a cross to the area where Ibara arrived to push the ball behind the net.

Pachuca issued another warning with a shot from Ibarra in the 33rd minute, Ochoa hurriedly refused, Sanchez tried luck from outside the area, and when his shot entered the base of Aguilas’ right post, the locals Immediately after people declared the series.

The United States, forced to move forward with three unanswered goals, took the lead in the second half and approached the goal on the 52nd with a shot from Alejandro Sendehas in the area Ustari had pardoned.

Tuzos took advantage of the visiting defense space with a counterattack that Victor Gusman sent a cross from the right to Ibarra, hit the ball in the center of the area, and sent it to the left corner of Ochoa.

Pachuca was able to score goals in the 71st and 73rd minutes with shots from outside the Chavez and Guzman areas.


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