Padres Beat Dodgers And Show Great Weakness: Manager Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts did one more time of his and made the decision to take out a Clayton Kershaw in perfect shape unleashing a tragedy for the Dodgers in this series against Padres that already smells of MLB playoffs

Context first: Dodgers and Padres tied at 1 in the 7th inning. Kershaw had allowed only 5 hits and had two men on base (1st and 2nd).

And hence the tragedy.


Roberts decided to take him out and from there a 5-run rally broke out first with Pedro Baez and Blake Treinen, and then also a Josh Sborz, all unable to control the powerful batting of the Padres.

(In Baez’s favor, it has to be said that Muncy didn’t help much.)

Face to face.

Hand to hand.

Won’t back down.

– San Diego Padres (@Padres) September 15, 2020

Sure, some will say that if the change comes out no one would be talking and that Dave Roberts only makes the changes and it is the player who fails. But we would also be saying that Roberts is a genius if it came out.

And the problem, at least for the Dodgers, is that there come the playoffs and very often we say it does not work for Roberts.

Kershaw had thrown 99 pitches and it was clear he still had in the tank to get all three outs of the seventh.

So in our opinion another bad decision from Dave Roberts, or what do you say?

Images before the tragedy 😪 #Dodgers #FriarFaithful #MLB

– Fielding: All baseball ⚾️🔥 (@elfildeo) September 15, 2020



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