Pamela’s Ex-husband Reconciles With The Woman He Left For The Actress

Pamela’s Ex-husband Reconciles With The Woman He Left For The Actress

Jon Peters, Pamela’s fourth ex-husband, resumed his relationship with his former fiancée: the same one he was living with before marrying and also has a striking resemblance to Pamela.

Last january Pamela Anderson spent twelve days married to who was her boyfriend of youth called Jon Peters that, before they met again when the actress returned from undergoing a spiritual cure in India and fell madly in love again, she was engaged to another woman.


That brief union, which they never formalized legally by presenting the necessary documentation, ended between cross accusations of “treason” – by Pamela – and “opportunism” in the case of Peters, since according to this the former protagonist of Bay Guardians I hope that he will pay his debts to announce that he wanted to separate.

Now Peters resumed the relationship he gave up to go through the altar with which he considered “the girl of his dreams,” says the Page Six portal, although this time he would have decided to take things more calmly and wait a while Prudential before rethinking marriage.

It is striking that his girlfriend, an actress whose stage name is Julia Faye West, is also an explosive blonde, in case that was not enough, she also turned activism in defense of animals into one of her priorities.

Peters may now decide to give her the role she had allegedly reserved for Pamela in the film she is producing and that the latter would have refused to accept for fear that it was the first step to allow her then husband to start controlling her career. .