PAN Economic Policy Criticism Of López Obrador

President López Obrador is a King Midas upside down and this is affecting the national economy, says spokesman for the National Action Party, Fernando Herrera.
“And unfortunately there are no signs of improvement in 2020, the President uses the same speech he used in the campaign in the government, but his decisions and omissions are going in the opposite direction to what he promises, he is like a king Midas, but at vice versa, the government likes to cheat with statistics and empty phrases that do not resist the slightest analysis, goes saying that they created almost a million jobs and if that were true then they would have to be given double Nobel Prize in Economics for doing so, while paralyzing the economy to zero point zero percent. ”
But he also says, although inflation remains stable and the minimum wage has been increased, the Government of the Republic uses the social programs in a clientelist way, hanging in addition to the achievements of the PAN state governments, where employment generation is higher than that of the rest of the country. (By Arturo García Caudillo)