PAN States, Free Not To Join Insabi: AMLO

Alberto Morales, sent ATLACOMULCO, Méx., February 9 (EL UNIVERSAL) .- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the states where the National Action Party (PAN) governs and that they did not adhere to the Institute of Welfare Health (Insabi) they are free not to do so and that they are in their right. In a meeting with the Mazahua and Otomí peoples of this municipality, President López Obrador stressed that the new institute was created to guarantee the right to health, medical care, as well as medicines free. “They know that I am not a palero, I am not a barber, I am not a lambiscon. I know that some of them will not like it, but my chest is not a cellar: the governor of the State of Mexico has been 100, [Alfredo del Mazo]”Look, in other cases some states did not adhere to the Institute of Health for Welfare … And they are in their right, because they are free, but in the case of the State of Mexico, the governor, Alfredo del Mazo [PRI]He did accept an applause for him, “said the President. The head of the federal Executive defended the PRI governor of the rechiflas and harangues he received and made a freehand consultation, in which he won the option of working together instead of continue fighting. Minutes before, when the master of ceremonies presented the Mexican president, López Obrador supporters shouted: “Get out of the Deck!” and “Corrupt!”, as well as boos. In the baseball field of this municipality – cradle of one of the most important political groups of the tricolor -, the President rose from his place and raised the arm of the PRI president.Among shouts of support and rejection of the Mexican governor, the Head of the Executive also gave three blows of back to Alfredo del Mazo as a sign of support. Take out white handkerchief. In the land of former President Enrique Peña Nieto, López Obrador took out a white handkerchief as a sign that his administration has already finished with corruption t wave in the government. “After 14 months of being in the Presidency, I can already take out my white handkerchief and say: ‘Up there is no corruption, the official banditry is over’.” That is giving us results, because without corruption the budget yields, reaches; because when there is corruption, only a rapacious minority benefits, “López Obrador also pledged to include the indigenous Mazahuas and Otomi communities in the free fertilizer delivery program for small producers, once they scrap the scrap plants that left them the last federal administration. “As my teacher said [el poeta Carlos] Pellicer: ‘Let those who feed us eat’. “He asks to take pride in indigenous origins. In Amealco de Bonfil, Querétaro, before the Otomí people, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called not to be ashamed of his origin and to be proud of his indigenous past. “No [hay que] To be ashamed of our origin. He who does not know where he comes from will never know where he is going. “It is a pride to be of an indigenous community, to belong to a pre-Hispanic culture, to have traditions, customs, language and social organization,” he said. Otomí people in this municipality, known for making Lele dolls, President López Obrador asked to keep their customs and remember them, “so that the racist who wants to question them, [ustedes respondan] that the best president there has been in the history of Mexico was a Zapotec indigenous: Benito Juárez García “. In his message, President López Obrador said that it is no longer as in the past administrations that increased debt, taxes and petrol . “We will ensure that taxes do not increase. It is no longer as before taxes increased or there were new ones, there are no petrol either. “We are already building a new refinery to stop buying gasoline abroad. When we have self-sufficiency in gasoline, we will lower the price of fuels,” he added. The Head of the federal Executive also promised to boost bilingual education for native peoples, whom, he insisted, abandoned that “neoliberal nightmare that fortunately already went to hell.” Well-being and security, priorities. President López Obrador said that as he addresses the problem of insecurity, every day he is aware of the welfare of citizens. “Just as I am aware that there is security, I am aware that there is well-being, because peace and tranquility is the result of justice, “López Obrador reiterated that he will only be in the Presidency until 2024:” If the creator allows it, just like nature, nothing until 2024, because there will be no re-election. “Effective suffrage. , not reelection, democracy, “he concluded.