Panama Defeated Jamaica 3-2 To Take Fourth Place

Panama (AP) — Suffering again, Panama overcomes a disadvantaged scoreline early in the match on Sunday and defeats Jamaica 3-2 to take fourth place in the CONCACAF hexagon final at Qatar’s World Cup. I did.

Panama, who lost a 1-0 defeat against Costa Rica in the playoffs for fourth place, added 17 points. The Panamas kept a distance of 5th or higher and were only one point away from the direct qualifying zone. Canada beat the United States 2-0 at home to solidify the lead with 22 points, which remained at 18 points.


Mexico, unable to overcome a goalless draw with Costa Rica at the Aztec Stadium, maintained at least third place at 18 as in the United States, an archival with a better goal difference. The Costa Rican team continued in fifth place at 13, but is now four points behind Panama.

Jamaica allowed them to come back again — they led only 81 minutes and then lost to Mexico 2-1 — and returned to 7th place with 7 units.

The first three will participate directly in this year’s World Cup, and the fourth will probably play off with the first World Cup from Oceania, New Zealand.

Panama fell to the scoreboard five minutes after receiving a penalty goal from striker Michail Antonio, after video arbitration determined that a foul was committed by midfielder Ravel Morrison invading the area.

And again, I had to fight the tide to get three points. Before being defeated in Costa Rica, they had to do the same as a visitor to defeat Honduras 3-2 and then El Salvador 2-1 at home.

“The positive thing (against Jamaica) is to come back again,” said Panama coach Thomas Christiansen of Denmark and Spain. “It wasn’t the match I personally liked. I liked the match against Costa Rica more. We were more valuable for the advantage, better football.”

“Today, especially when I go out to the field … there’s a lot of relaxation and I need to analyze why,” he added.

After Morrison charged Alberto Quintello, the VAR, which began to be used earlier in this tie, intervened shortly after ordering a penalty in favor of the locals. However, the goal was rejected by the Panama team as Andre Blake saved Eric Davis’ shot. Previously, the Jamaican goalkeeper blocked a close-up shot from captain Anival Godoy.

Things got even more complicated for the Panamas, who injured centre-back Andre Andrade. Fidel Escobar crashed the crossbar header in the 40th minute, highlighting the lack of local expertise.

The trial ended in 43 minutes, and Panama caught up with the tie thanks to an own goal by Javane Brown. He scored a goal with a heading shot after Edgar Barsenas’ shot and wanted Blake to clear.

Panama became second in the early stages of complementation with counterattacks. Upon arrival, at 51, Barsenas broke Blake’s hand with a shot from outside the area, leaving the rebound on Davis. Davis nested in the far post with a low shot.

Joy was immediately worried after Harold Cummings, who had replaced Andrade, had to leave the match due to an injury. He was replaced by Azuma Aliano, who later took third place in Panama at the age of 68.

When Aliano received a pass after a corner kick, he shot a powerful shot in the area and finally declared the match. He played on an empty stand at the Rommel Fernandez Stadium because he punished Panama for a homosexual chant at the start of Thailand.

Jamaica pulled back 1 in 3 minutes from time via Andre Gray.

The day after Wednesday, Panama will visit Mexico and Jamaica will receive Costa Rica.


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