Paola Rojas And a Crude Interview That Destroyed Her Even More. Very Cruel!

Paola Rojas goes through one of her worst moments in 2018, when her marriage crisis practically broke out on television and her career was on the edge of the abyss.

With the passage of time and currently everything implies that the situation is on track, the renowned journalist It was the real victim of the press and social networks that invaded his privacy. Related News While he was married to the current former soccer player, Luis Roberto Alves, better known as Zague, the communicator had to deal with the leaking of a private video where He was in front of the mirror, stripped of clothes. Although at first I denied the facts, then I ended up admitting that the recording was real.

The issue became more acute when the media learned that the filming was not intended for Rojas but for another woman. Ah the divorce process began. But it also resulted in harassment of her with teasing and even received misplaced messages.


Recently, the Mexican broadcaster gave an interview where she spoke on the subject and expressed everything she felt at the time. “… it is one thing to cross the limit of privacy and a very different one, to pass the limit of intimacy. (…) many felt that it was worth reaching my intimacy (…) and many got in and I They wrote some things … It was so obscenity that I couldn’t even stop to attend to me, “he said.

At a time of the interview, Paola He could not avoid the tears and be honest, admitting that although he now feels that things were resolved, it still hurts.

“… I had to operate last year, twice, I ended up in the oncologist and just in the third. I was touched by what my body did,” said the television host, who also commented on how difficult it was to go to work every day and that the press chases her to have a statement from him.