Paola Rojas Breaks The Silence And Cries When Talking About Zague’s Controversy

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, the communicator was honest and told about the difficult moments she experienced after the appearance of her ex-husband’s intimate video.

Paola Rojas He has demonstrated on more than one occasion that he has the necessary strength to get ahead of any situation, however complicated it may seem; one of the hardest moments that have had to live was the separation of the former soccer player Luis Alberto Alves Zague which was preceded by a great controversy.


The publication of an intimate video, which went viral, triggered the communicator’s decision to divorce Zague. A little over a year, the subject is still present among the public and as rarely Paola He was sincere and even cried when talking about how difficult that period of time was, in an interview with Yordi Rosado in the space The last one and we leave.

Assured Paola, who at the same time accepted that “there are episodes that are not a good idea to be mentioned publicly, at least for now, because everything you say, they (their twins) can see and I want to be able to explain. As they get older , today they are eight years old, there will be things that they will be able to understand “.

Paola He remembered that at that moment he knew that “it was too complicated (think only of protecting them), I had to focus immediately, which was my program the next day.” He accepted that it never crossed his mind to hide and not be on the air, “for that I had the strength and strength … I know that I have a great sense of responsibility and I checked it there.”

That day Red He felt that he went to work “exhibited”, although he explained that from that experience he learned many things and faced that people “crossed the limit of intimacy”, it was then that he came to tears because he said he experienced as if “many had opened the door from my bedroom and they got in.

“They wrote me some things … so obscenity, I could not stop to attend to me, because there were many things to solve, people to protect and contain, I stayed behind the list and did not measure the damage that these messages were doing to me,” he said between tears, to later analyze that what happened next was a direct result of these aggressions.