Papelón! Paulina Rubio And a Memory That She Prefers To Erase From Her Memory What Happened?

Paulina Rubio is one of the most experienced and beloved singer in show business, always causing controversy and being the center of attention of the public.

The Mexican artistNot only did he make himself loved in the music environment, but he has also made some public enemies.Related NewsIn addition to this, the Aztec woman had several accidents on stage, during her performances something that has always generated repercussion in the networks and the media.

The truth is that the singer always knew how to get out of the criticism she receives regarding her mishaps, such as the time when she made a mistake in the awards ceremony and went viral in a short time.One of the most remembered accidents in Mexico , was during last year in September while presenting his concert in Los Angeles, California. The artist had a horrible fall and they had to help her up.


Fortunately, the fall it had Paulina It did not generate any injuries, the show continued and she herself made it known on her social networks.

There is no doubt that Rubio knows very well how to fall well and recover from problems, for some reason she is one of the number one artists in Spanish pop.