Paquita La Del Barrio: She Was Hospitalized Emergency, In Intensive Care

Paquita la del barrio: she was hospitalized emergency, in intensive care | Instagram special photo

At the last minute, we learned that the blank Check interpreter is in delicate health. Paquita la del barrio, was hospitalized as an emergency, it was her own manager who shared the information. At the moment, we know that the singer was in intensive care.

According to El Gordo y la Flaca's program, Paquita la del Barrio, he entered the medical institution on Tuesday, October 8, on Tuesday, October 8. The doctors made the decision to leave it under observation, mostly as a precaution. It should be noted that she is already 72 years old and that puts her more at risk.


His manager confirmed it

In fact, Francisco Torres, who is manager of Paquita la del Barrio, shared the situation in the program First hand:

“ We did have a delicate situation with Paquita, we were on a tour of the United States and you see that there are very cold places there. Two days ago he had discomfort in his chest, a lot of pain, we called the doctor, he was given a painkiller, the next day he continued with the discomfort and it was that we decided to go to the hospital, they did everything and fortunately they found it very In good health, what went under is in pulmonary matter, that was what did not let her breathe, because of her age she was admitted to intensive care to observe her better. ''

"We go to the hospital, they ignore it, they do everything to everything studies; tomographs, studies of the feet, legs, circulation, everything. The only thing that went wrong there was a lung issue, it was that chest pain, they pass it to intensive therapy to monitor it 24 hours ".

On the other hand, they had to cancel their next concert in Matamores, since the singer's treatment is not yet complete and they want her to recover 100 percent.