Parents Of Children With Cancer Ask AMLO Medicine Supply In Yucatan

Francisco Mejía

Mérida / 01.02.2020 15:27:19

Family members of children with cancer and leukemia waited for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mérida, Yucatán, to denounce the lack of medicines for the treatment of their children.


Marian, mother of one of them, accused that they ask for medicines “for our children, they are sick with cancer, tumors, leukemia, they always tell us that in fifteen days the medicine arrives and so far nothing arrives.”

With a sign in their hand, they pointed out that at O’Horán Hospital “there are more than 150 children affected, the deadline they gave and no medicine arrived.”

The grandfather of one of the children suffering from leukemia, Solís Villegas, said that “last Tuesday in the consultation of three injections, he was only given one, leaving two due.”

“Our children are condemned to cancer to death, without the medication, worse. The President said that there is already supply and there is not. We are going to ask him to give us medicine, he already has almost one year without medicines,” he denounced.

The protest occurred at the gates of the Mérida II Thermoelectric Power Plant, prior to the event called the Integral Energy Program for Yucatan. Construction of the Merida Combined Cycle Power Plant and Cuxtal Phase II Gas Pipeline.

All children suffering from cancer are enrolled in the disappeared Seguro Popular, who demand the supply of cyclophoxfamine.