Patricio Borghetti Confirms: He Does Have a Coronavirus, But Not a Symptom

The actor and his partner, the host Odalys Ramírez, will be in mandatory isolation for at least 15 days

The morning of March 19 the driver Odalys Ramírez confirmed on his social networks that he has coronavirus. The diagnosis was given hours after an emergency visit to a Mexico City hospital for coughing and shortness of breath.


Your partner, the actor Patrick Borghetti, At the same time, he reported that several days ago he had been in Spain and that, living so closely with his wife, he had also been tested to confirm or rule out the diagnosis.

And it is already confirmed: Duck have coronavirus, but unlike Odalys, he feels perfectly well, he does not have any symptoms, although for that reason he will not stop taking care of himself and will follow the quarantine instructions that have been applied in these cases.

Through a video he published on his social networks, the also driver of the morning Come joy He said: “Confirmed, covid-19 also gave me a positive study. It was what we expected, the truth, by the proximity. I feel perfectly fine, I have no symptoms. It seems that for now it is giving me asymptomatic ”.

Patrick Borghetti revealed that, according to his pulmonologists, he did not contract the virus during his trip to Spain.

“I traveled to Madrid; 18 days ago I returned to Mexico and, by the time, if I had been infected there, right now I would have been negative. It is not such an exact science anyway, but what they are telling me is that the contagion did not go there. We do not know how we could have been infected, it is not known whether Oda was infected before or I, on Televisa there are already five cases ”.

Patrick He also hinted that it is not explained how he contracted the virus: “You cannot imagine how careful we are, we are obsessive about the antibacterial. I have been (like this) for many days before I even went to Madrid (he was) obsessed with the coronavirus.

Luckily I have stayed on the sidelines, without contact, I do not kiss my colleagues Come joyI have been obsessive, I hope I have not infected anyone.

About the state of his partner, the driver said that she is fine, although she continues with a cough and shortness of breath, but very moderate. He also announced that he has already given notice to the production of Come joy which will remain in isolation for 15 days.

In addition to the positive messages he received BorghettiThere were comments that questioned why he and his partner received the results so quickly taking into account that in the morning they had announced that they would find out within 72 hours whether or not they had coronaviruses.